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Welcome to our store. Come see why many people say we’ve have been making Baltimore’s best custom picture frames since we opened on O’Donnell Square in 1995.

While many of our customers come from the what’s now called the Baltimore Gold Coast: Canton, Fells Point, The Inner Harbor and Harbor East, Otterbein, Federal Hill and Locust Point, we have gained a large following from throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan area. Folks from Hampden to Hunt Valley, Dundalk to Bel Air, Catonsville to Columbia, have begun to recognize us as a place of top quality work and reasonable prices with an ironclad guarantee of satisfaction. Some of the major galleries around the area are using our services for the same reasons.

Whether it is a simple poster, a valuable print or original piece of art, or an invaluable heirloom or family photo, the professional picture framers and designers here at Canton Gallery know how best to handle it, and can help you come up with a design that will compliment both the work to be framed, and the room it is going in.

My father is an amateur cartographer of mythological maps, as well as a collector of early regional maps of North America and the United States. Although antique maps can sell for many thousands of dollars, it is possible to find beautiful maps of a good size done by well-known cartographers for under $250. My father collects the more humble priced maps. I, on the other hand collect maps of colonial America or exploration maps that tend to be some of the most expensive maps. But the price is not what is important to me or my father. We simply love antique maps and collect what we can afford. When I was planning to move from Baltimore to California I realized I would need a moving company that could handle valuable art work. I searched for moving companies in Baltimore that met my criteria and found Von Paris Moving & Storage. I was relieved when I learned that they were a full service agent for northAmerican Van Lines and their global network of storage facilities. Von Paris has established an impeccable reputation over the last one hundred and twenty-three years for honesty, integrity and outstanding quality moving services and storage. The fact that they have been entrusted to pack, move and store the precious belongings of Fortune 500 companies, two Presidents of the United States, and many professional sports teams including the Baltimore Orioles and the Baltimore Ravens was a deciding factor in my hiring of them fore my long distance move. They were great. I am now ensconsed in my new place in Colorado with all my beautiful antique maps which made the journey without a scratch. Colorado is wonderful. I am less than an hour away from Aspen. No more long airplane or car rides to go skiing. ALl I do is gather up my ski equipment, put on my ski outfit, slip into one of my fabulous North Face waterproof jackets or vests depending upon the ski season and head out to the slopes. On the East coast I had one North Face jacket which I wore during the winter. Here in Colorado I really appreciate theinnovative technologies that North Face incorporates into their varoius jacket designs. AH, but I digress. My father will miss this website. He has bought several lovely maps from them, as well as utilizing their framing services.

Our Shop

We use some of the latest equipment and technologies, as well as a thorough knowledge of the most current conservation and preservation standards to protect your artwork, and a keen sense of design to enhance its beauty. All work is done in-house, with the exception of some restorations (which we send to the same restorers and conservators who perform work for our leading museums)

We boast a wide selection of mouldings from the finest suppliers in the world. From the simplest, most inexpensive metal and wood frames to the finest natural, hand-finished hardwood or ornate gilt picture frames. If we don't have quite the finish you need, we are happy to hand-finish our frames in any number of custom tones or stains.

Our Services

We can mount and frame just about anything that will stand still. We stretch canvases, block and stretch needle-art, mount all types of photos, from RC to Ilfachrome to fiber-based papers. We drymount, wetmount, and use a top-notch out-of-house service to linen-back all types of posters. We use hand-torn, japanese paper hinges (with roughly a half dozen paper types of different shade and weight) and rice or wheat starch paste to mount works on paper. We can frame any sized object from coins to ceramics, and have a wide variety of shadow box frames to choose from. We frame all types of sports memorabilia - jerseys, bats, gloves, footballs, cards, newspapers, etc. If it will hold still, we'll frame it.


We very much enjoy working with artists. Whether it is for one piece or a full exhibit, we take great pride in helping artists move their work from the easel to the wall. We offer a discount to working artists who are framing for exhibit or sale. We can build custom stretchers, floater frames, spaced shadowbox frames, and help to solve installation problems. If you have an exhibit coming up, call us. We look forward to helping you find a cost effective and attractive way to present your work. You should also ask us about our customer referral credit system. We're happy to give references, as well.

Baltimore All of our maps are original prints. Some have been hand colored, and some have been colored as part of the printing process, often based on the date they were produced. All dates are approximate and based on the publisher's copyright information. Sizes are also approximate, and based on the paper size, not the image size. We do not publish prices because those prices will fluctuate depending on the market, the condition of the particular map, and whether the Ravens are winning or not. If you would like more information on a particular map please give us a call at 410.342.6176, or stop by the gallery if you are in the area.
Union & Confederate Army Atlas Union & Confederate Army Atlas, cir. 1865
Hand colored print, 18" X 28"
Rand McNally Atlas of Baltimore Rand McNally Atlas of Baltimore, cir. 1907
Colored lithograph, 27" X 20
Colton's Paris and Environs Colton's Paris and Environs, cir. 1855
hand colored print, 14" X 18"
New Atlas and Gazetteer of Baltimore New Atlas and Gazetteer of Baltimore, cir. 1905
colored lithograph, 15" X 10"
Johnson's Cyclopedic Maryland Johnson's Cyclopedic Maryland, cir. 1860
hand colored print, 7" X 9"
Johnson's Delaware and Maryland Johnson's Delaware and Maryland, cir. 1865
hand colored print, 14" X 19"
Grey's Baltimore Grey's Baltimore, cir. 1876
hand colored print, 16" X 14"
Colton's Maryland Colton's Maryland, cir. 1855
hand colored print, 13" X 17"
Johnson's Georgetown & Washington Johnson's Georgetown & Washington, cir. 1862
hand colored print, 14" X 18"
Colton's Baltimore Colton's Baltimore, cir. 1865
hand colored print, 14" X 18"
Plan of Baltimore Plan of Baltimore, cir. 1867
hand colored print, 12" X 15"
Plan fo Baltimore Plan fo Baltimore, 1881
Print, 15"X12"
Maryland and Delaware Maryland and Delaware, 1915
Print, 13"X10"



Union & Confederate Army Atlas
Rand McNally Atlas of Baltimore
Colton's Paris and Environs
New Atlas and Gazetteer of Baltimore
Johnson's Cyclopedic Maryland
Johnson's Delaware and Maryland
Grey's Baltimore
Colton's Maryland
Johnson's Georgetown & Washington
Colton's Baltimore
Plan of Baltimore
Baltimore 1902
Plan fo Baltimore
Johnson's Delaware Maryland 1864
Maryland and Delaware
Colton's City of Baltimore
Colton's Delaware and Maryland
City of Baltimore
Tangier Pocomoke Sound